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I've got a great Idea - can you help me?
No - sorry but there are lots of organisations that are way better at doing that than us. It's not what we are good at (see below). We do wish you well though.

I've had a bit of success running a company or team and would love to be a founder of a company with a great well researched opportunity - want to chat?
Hell yes - we have a wide range of really interesting partially crunched hunches that we are looking for co-founders to work with. Let us know a bit of your background when you contact us.


I've go a great Idea - can you help me?
Coaching/advising is a different skill to doing. Also the main thing most people want help with is the bit we are not experts in ourselves (munching/implementing). It is like you have partly written a song and you want it to be sung (implemented), asking another song writer to help sing your song (or coach you how to sing) is probably not your best option

Can you at least tell me if my idea is any good?
No - we are no great oracles at judging others ideas/hunches. Wish we were but we aren't. We are also incredibly narrow in the ideas we have any experience with (see graph in theory section). Its like asking a parent of many babies to judge a baby contest - you can't help but love your own best. We have seen enough hunches that we thought were great that failed miserably and hunches that we thought were rubbish that worked really well to be convinced we have no ability to judge other people hunches.