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We believe that finding a great start-up opportunity requires a different set of skills compared to running a company.

We specialize in creating innovative head starts and while most business people only focus on that part of the process once or twice we do it full time, with multiple projects underway.

We work only on our own projects, then bring partners, investors, or licensors on board for the ones that fly.

What is HunchCrunching?

As we define it, HunchCrunching has 4 steps.

  • 1. Problem

    we try to discover interesting ones that are worth solving and don't have big crowds working on them already

  • 2. Hunch

    a gut feel emerges that there may be a useful way to tackle the problem

  • 3. Crunch

    hundreds of ideas are hatched, and analysis, trial and error lead to a solution that works

  • 4. Munch

    the solution is scaled and taken out to the world.  Here's where we often get partners in or license out

Our Highlights

Our past and current projects below will give you a feel for what we are talking about - or read a bit more about the background behind HunchCruncher.

HunchCruncher Highlights

"Operating, VC: Pioneer Capital"
"IPO, listed on NZX"
PurePods - the world's first environmentally transparent building
"Acquired by Intel"
"Community thought experiment for post-earthquake Christchurch"
"Acquired by NBCi"
"Can't win them all!"