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  • Problem

    Idea seems too broad a work to adequately describe the idea generation process

  • Hunch

    There is more to the process than the initial idea

  • Crunch

    The video of Grant Ryan's TEDxCHCH Presentation below shows in detail the iterations for the crunching phase of the YikeBike

  • Munch

    This has evolved into the hunchcruncher process described on this site

  • the story so far

    the last point I make in this TEDXChch talk is where the seeds for HunchCruncher came from.  I don't articulate it so well, but the point is that big ideas don't typically fall out of nowhere but start as a hunch that gets played with over time. This poorly articulated version has been a hunch in itself, that we have crunched over time to become the clearer vision of HunchCruncher.