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  • Problem

    cities are getting too congested and it's getting harder to move around

  • Hunch

    must be another bike configuration that is inherently smaller and designed for lower speeds, perfect for cities

  • Crunch

    YikeBike, the worlds smallest, lightest electric folding bike

  • Munch

    Create a brand around selling high quality YikeBikes and license the technology to other companies to create mass produced versions of the product

  • the story so far

    the thinking behind this hunch was prompted by the Segway, even before it was launched. We thought it was a very interesting problem they were trying to solve and while the technology behind the Segway is impressive we thought there must be a way to do it lighter, simpler, smaller and cheaper. The result is a multi-award winning design that was named in the top 50 inventions of 2009 by Time magazine and has already been sold in 56 countries around the world