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  • Problem

    New Zealand is marketed as Pure NZ yet delivery falls short of our potential

  • Hunch

    There must be a way that we can show off the sensational natural settings in New Zealand and deliver a unique, compelling experience

  • Crunch

    Tested lots of concepts and prototypes to come up with the patented environmentally transparent PurePod

  • Munch

    Run the business as a franchaise that allows people with spectacular yet private land to earn revenue and protect beautiful parts of New Zealand

  • the story so far

    The hunches behind PurePods came from two vivid experiences. One was from seeing posters overseas selling 100% Pure NZ (couple in a bath on a mountain) and knowing that you couldn't really get that... The second came from doing walks with my family and being in stunning settings during the day and then squashed into a hut at night... I thought there must be a way to really experience the setting rather than hide from it.