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  • Problem

    different people are probably interested in different things when they search depending on who they are and their interests

  • Hunch

    adjusting your search results based on what people in your social network click on should help improve search results

  • Crunch

    social networking search and user-curated Swicki (search wikis) focused around topics

  • Munch

    partnered with largest social network at the time, Friendster, to create a search engine that could change based on social network. Then noticed that group behaviour was more important so created Swickis. Business model was a platform to allow others to create and promote their vertical search engines

  • the story so far

    We were playing with social networking ideas at RealContacts and search ideas at SLI-Systems, so this hunch was naturally born from those two. Raised millions in VC and had an offer to be bought by Google. Directors turned it down to try to take them on - not a wise move - oh well...... Classic case of being a bit ahead of its time and believing our own hype a bit (see some of the stories below).