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  • Problem

    Christchurch CBD needs to be rebuilt but will need to be low rise due to fear of future earthquakes

  • Hunch

    Must be something inexpensive to build yet iconic so Christchurch stands out as a place to visit and live

  • Crunch

    Elevated Garden City – build an elevated garden and walkway layer on our city centre.  Instead of roofs being wasted space, make it useful with gardens, linked with paths and cycle ways.  You could walk around the city centre without ever crossing a road.  Visitors landing in the city would look down on roofs of pure green. With new sustainable, energy-conscious buildings we would become the greenest city in New Zealand, inside and outside.

  • Munch

    Set up website ( and sparked public conversation around the idea and media attention

  • the story so far

    The idea got a lot of positive reaction, from the media and public alike.  It was voted one of the top ideas on the ReimagineChristchurch website, NZ Gardener magazine did a feature story on it, it was covered in the Press and the newly appointed CEO of CERA, Roger Sutton, mentioned it in a radio interview.  At this stage it has not been adopted for the new Christchurch city plan but there are small elements of it there.  While roof top gardens are becoming more common the idea of linking them all together could completely change the way a city works.  This hunch did lead to the analysis on the economic cost of being boring that possibly made some impact. The concept website has run it's course but we are proud to have been able to spark debate around some of these alternative rebuilding ideas, and to see elements of them in some of the new buildings and spaces that are developing in 21st century Christchurch. You can see some examples of the Concept Images and a Video from the website below.