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  • Problem

    We can’t afford some of the bolder ideas to make Christchurch stand out

  • Hunch

    There must be some significant economic cost to be just another boring city

  • Crunch

    Comparison show a 100% difference in house prices between iconic and boring cities

  • Munch

    Grant Ryan presented the crunched hunch at TEDxEQCHCH in 2011 with the aim to make sure the key decision makers in Christchurch are aware of this cost and opportunity

  • the story so far

    This came about after presenting the Elevated Garden City concept and being told it's too bold. The term economic cost of being boring is used by some of the people involved in the rebuild, but it is hard to say if this bit of work made much of a difference - but we still like the analysis.

    See video of the full presentation below.