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About Us

About Us | HunchCruncher

HunchCruncher was founded by Grant Ryan and is an evolving organisation that allows us to work on projects we like. 

HunchCrunching is not a solo endeavour and there are around 30 people that are part of the HunchBunch (yes, sometimes we do lunch...), including engineers, scientists, kids, designers, patent people, dreamers, skeptics, entrepreneurs, and even lawyers and accountants. The group includes 5 PhDs and range in age from 19-68.

The main reason behind this website is that these things are never done by an individual.  If these sorts of projects sound interesting to you or you're one of those gifted people who love taking a company or intellectual property out into the big world, let us know.  We'd love to hear from you.

We are based in the city that rocks – Christchurch, New Zealand.